Introduction Video

List of gear: 

  • Ipad
  • Premier Pro
  • YouTube
  • iMac computer, MacOS Sierra series

When this project was over, I learned that it was much easier than I had originally thought it would be. Upon first hearing that this project was going to combine all the skills that I had learned over the semester, I immediately felt overwhelmed. Once I sat down to start editing the video, I quickly realized that having learned how to use Adobe Audition and the WordPress website previously made me feel more prepared to accomplish what needed to get done. I also learned that with the proper instructions (and links to go back and see the instructions if needed), I wasn’t that worried about completing my work on time. I knew I was going to get it done.

If there was something that I would change about this project, it would probably be the variety of video locations getting shot. In the current version of my introduction video, I only shot at three different locations. When I was editing, this made me feel a bit limited. I like having options to choose from.  Everything else in the video went smoothly. 

My favorite part of this project was watching the completed version. I couldn’t stop smiling and throwing my hands up into the air!

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